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Storage & Warehousing

Recently for any kind of shifting or relocating purposes people are relying upon various packers and movers companies. These companies not only offer services like packing the materials, loading them to the vehicles and transporting them to the destined location. They also offer various other services such as security of your goods and warehousing services for storage of your goods while in transit. We know the significance of protection of freights while sending them to a different location. We realize that any harm to freights can cause a significant loss to our customer. Therefore, we take essential precautionary features to ensure that no harm is suffered while transport. For this purpose, we also offer Storsge & warehousing services to our customers.

Agarwal Packers Movers Group offering warehousing services has to take care of a number of things. The goods are to be categorized properly so that there is no misplacement of any customer’s items. Also proper care is taken so that none of the valuable items can get destroyed. There are different experts to take care of different materials such as glass items, linens, furs, furniture and many others separately.

Storage & Warehousing service is acquired by the business and commercial users as well as by the individuals, wherein products are saved at the liability of a service agency, at the location of choice, for a certain time period. For dispatching freight, we shop and deliver depending on the customer's guidelines, and simultaneously on the imports, we organize distribution from slots, shop and distribution straight to the specified location. We offer our customers the innovative storage & Warehousing service, which are valued for the add-on advantages it comes with, like hygiene, protection and temperature managed. This factory is established by us paying attention to all the protection factors so that the saved products can be secured from any surprising harm. Distribute over a huge area, our factory has a huge storage space capacity, due to which, we are able to shop different products independently for the easy recovery.

Also there are many commercial houses that take the of warehousing services from such companies for a limited period of time. At reasonable prices, companies like Agarwal Packers Movers Group offer such services also. Different kind of materials such as electronics can be stored here with proper security. Proper inventory is also maintained on day to day basis. Care is taken that no problem arises with the goods of the customer because loss of the customer will also lead to loss of the company.

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